bradbury’s coffee in madison, wisconsin

i have been so buried under schoolwork this past week (and until the end of this one) that i have had little time to cook or even enjoy the food i’m scarfing. it’s a sad day in my life when food is merely consumed for brain fuel and not appreciated with all of my senses. after being up until the wee hours of the morning studying the bond market, i decided to treat myself. awake early, and lightly doing work, i came to bradbury’s. it’s a tiny cafe on a busy corner that serves the best coffee in town, in the most traditional way. crepes and scones make up their menu – all seasonal, all connected to family farms in the madison area. they even have a real circular crepe skillet which makes these spongey, light and infinitely better than the “crepes” i try to make at home over a flame in a non-stick ikea pan. today i opted for a sweet crepe with apple compote & creme anglaise. and of course, a large soy cappucino laced with the perfect leaf.


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  1. My precious baby, keep up the good work!

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