ode to sunday

Sundays at my house are restorative. We don’t brave massive brunch lines, see matinees or make family plans. These are entire days reserved for eating and drinking at our leisure, perusing the paper, and preparing for the week ahead.


I cherish this weekly prep time. Working near restaurant kitchens has taught me that some of the most beautiful food comes from a plastic quart container labeled with painters tape and a Sharpie – NOT a Pinterest-worthy artisanal mason jar. My Sunday cooking isn’t glamorous.


I bob and weave. I’ll start a vat of beans in the morning and head to a lazy yoga class. Come back, clean up, and prep some quick refrigerator pickles. Throw some vinaigrette ingredients in a jar and shake. Sit. Read the paper. Toast some almonds for almond butter. Clean up. Sit. Open a bottle of wine. Sit. Lay. Change the laundry. Rinse some salad greens and pull out frozen chicken stock (likely from a few Sundays ago) to be the base of Sunday dinner. We push everything to one side on the dining room table and eat sitting down off of real plates!


 I look forward to this routine all week. A kitchen at work excites all the senses. My mind wanders while my hands are busy, and I sleep well knowing that I’ve already laid the foundation for a week of mindful eating.

A few Sunday prep recipes:

Amy Chaplin’s Homemade Almond Milk

My New Roots’ Almond Butter

Dinner a Love Story’s Standard Vinaigrette

Saltie’s Carrot Pickle


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