My mom is great with holidays. My whole life, she’s staged intricate yearly celebrations rife with tradition. We watch the same cozy movies, eat incredible homecooked meals, and receive very thoughtful gifts. When she told me she would be in Florida for Easter, I was surprised by my disappointment. No Easter egg hunt? No egg dying? Most importantly — no ham?


Faced with the sad prospect of eating carry out on Easter, I invited Bill’s family over for a lazy brunch. Β I bought a Beeler’s spiral glazed ham, whipped together a mushroom frittata and served asparagus swathed in lemon.Β Sara brought a kale salad, and Marlene tried her hand (and succeeded!) at cheese-filled blintzes with labneh and stewed cherries.


I’ve learned that Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It sneaks up on you, quietly, in the early barren days of April, just when you need it (and it’s carrying a basket of Reese’s eggs!).


But no matter the holiday, it’s always worth celebrating, no matter how modestly.



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  1. Love the ham stand!! You’re so wonderful at this, wish I coulda been there!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! That ham, girl!!!

  3. Apartment looking on point!

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