when things end

When things don’t go according to plan, and you’re suddenly faced with overwhelming change, comfort is king. Your heart beat feels unfamiliar, every sound is louder, each emotion more visceral. To offset sensory overload, I keep my food simple.

This light, springy chicken salad has come to my rescue.  It is equal parts nourishing and celebratory. Fennel, tarragon and sherry vinegar provide a savory backbone, elevating starchy fava beans to something more elegant. It’s welcome company alongside an open window, Macon-Villages and Don Draper. And then again tomorrow for lunch with radishes and Finn Crisps.

chicken salad3

As your perspective shifts inward, and spring reliably blooms around you: notice. Tulips pushed their way through the once-cold ground.

A salad like this keeps you cooking, even if it’s only for yourself. Nothing wasted, everything gained.



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  1. xoxoxo beautifully stated boo

  2. ain’t this the truth. this is beautiful.

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